About me

Welcome! My name is Val aka Zzyzzyy



Why is your name Zzyzzyy? 
  • I came up with this name when I was 13. It's a combination of several of my nickname abbreviations.  
How do you pronounce Zzyzzyy?
  • [zeezee]
What's your favorite Anime/Manga Series?
  • One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, JJBA, Gintama etc.
How long have you been drawing?
  • Since I was little, and I've been drawing digitally for over 10 years.
Did you go to art school?
  • No. I'm a self-taught artist.  
What software/tablet do you use?
  • Painttool SAI & Photoshop for rendering. 
  • Wacom intuos pro s
Do you do commissions?
  • I'm sorry I don't take commissions at the moment. For commercial works please contact via zzyzzyy@gmail.com
I have a question I would like to ask..
  • Please send me a message here.






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 I miss conventions :,)


  Thank you for stopping by! And have yourself a wonderful day.